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Pioneers in 360˚ legal mediation 

Schonewille & Schonewille is a Legal Mediation firm specialised in negotiation and mediation processes. The head office is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, with several local branches. Through our substantive expertise and experience gained in many years as practicing mediators and dealmakers we are leading new developments in the area of Alternative Dispute Resolution. Our clients can expect to get high level solution focused support and a personalised approach.

Every conflict holds a key for a great business deal. Our challenge is to find that key together with you. Through 360˚ legal mediation we can help you reach an outcome with an added value for both parties. We fully commit ourselves to your case on all levels. This means actively dealing with dispute prevention, the relationship and communication between the parties, the business and other substantive qualities of the case, as well as the legal and process management aspects. We actively engage in helping you find the best possible business deal and check whether the outcome is achievable from a legal and business perspective and also whether it fits with the company cultures and people involved.

At the negotiation table our clients play the lead role so they stay in charge of their own dispute resolution process and the outcome.


International co-mediation teams

Through our collaboration with an impressive cadre of international associates as well as our specific experience and expertise in this area, we are able to offer professional cross-border mediation services as one of the few legal mediation firms specialised in this area. Another unique feature of the firm is that it offers experienced international Co-Mediator teams.

A legal mediator uses a varied approach to 360 ° mediation, where several facilitative, solution focused and/or evaluative elements regarding substantive issues can be introduced into the mediation process, also by using experts, or using co-mediators with different approaches to mediation. Solution-focused, facilitative and evaluative approaches can all be used and combined depending on the circumstances and the parties’ needs.  Legal mediation means that the mediator pro-actively supports the parties both at a procedural and substantive level.






Schonewille & Schonewille collaborates with an impressive cadre of associates, both within The Netherlands and abroad. Another unique feature of the firm is that it offers specialised international Co-Mediator teams who are used to working together in cross-border and international commercial disputes. The teams first assist the parties in designing a process that is consistent and acceptable to all cultures and nationalities involved, next they support the parties in reaching a mutually acceptable outcome that is within a timeframe and budget that is agreed to by all parties. This enables cooperative and optimal outcomes between the partners involved in resolving various matters. Using co-mediation creates more options, improves the process procedurally and substantively and statistically provides even higher settlement rates and satisfaction ratings. 

For more information you can read our article on how to initatiate a cross border mediation here.

Here are the general terms and conditions for S&S business mediation services.


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