International Projects

Examples of projects in which Manon Schonewille, Fred Schonewille or their associates participated


Survey into worldwide mediation regulation and practices (2012-2014)

A comprehensive overview of mediation regulatory frameworks for commercial and civil cases, as well as a practical overview of the development of mediation and worldwide mediation practices in 60 jurisdictions, with a special emphasis on the European Union. The survey is published in March 2014 in a book that allows for a direct comparison, based on standardized benchmarks for each country. Which is helpful for those mediating across borders, academics or those involved in legislative efforts.

This book is meant to enable ADR practitioners and academics to obtain an overview of what is going on in other countries, to facilitate working across borders, to compare our practices and to lay the groundwork to be able to identify and formulate in the future certain common core features as well as best practices for mediation practice and regulation. More importantly, this book will be a valuable reference book for clients, corporate counsel and lawyers who are planning to mediate abroad. It is also intended as a tool to facilitate and stimulate cross-border mediations.

Academic modules on mediation for managers and mediation advocacy (2012-2014)

Manon chaired the Task Force who developed two academic modules with teaching notes and accompanying material with financial support the Dutch Ministery of Justice. The modules are made broadly available to all Dutch universities.

First mediator training center in Greece offering officially accredited mediation trainings (2013-2014)

Together with Toolkit Company we developed and implemented a full service turn key course for a 40 hour mediator training course, complying with the Greek legal requirement for the Piraeus Mediation Center (PMC / Kedip).

Training of assessors and development of assessment instruments (2010-2014)

Together with Toolkit Company we trained and coached assessors and developed several assessment programs and tools on behalf of ACB Foundation, Nomiki Bibliothiki and Schonewille & Schonewille Legal Mediation. The Mediator, Negotiator Intercultural Mediator and Mediation Advocacy programs are recognized as IMI Qualified Assessment Programs.

Educational video (2010)

Production of a educational video, tools and materials, together with ACB Foundation and Prof. Hal Abramson and with support from Universities like Hamline (St. Paul, USA), Touro Law (New York, USA) and Utrecht (Netherlands) we produced a teaching video and accompanying materials like a role play on mediation techniques and positive representation practices of clients in a commercial cross border mediation: The video and the case of 'Special Chemistry' can be watched in the resource section of Toolkit Company and is also added to Prof. Abramsons book on teaching mediation representation.

European wide Specific Program "Civil Justice" (2009-2013) 

Manon participated through ACB as consortium partner in the European Union sponsored program ‘Lawyers in ADR’. Roles responsibilities and opportunities in Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Academic interfaculty business mediation course (2008-2013)

Design and implementation of the semester course Business Mediation, Conflict Management and Mediation Advocacy, as well as 'Mediation in de Nederalndse Rechtspraktijk" as part of the interfaculty minor in mediation (social sciences, law faculty, economics, humanistic and business administration) at Utrecht University.

Administration of Justice Program in Barbados (2009-2010)

Manon is part of the expert team that trained professionals and consulted the government in Barbados as part of the ‘Alternative Dispute Resolution’ programme, initiated by the government of Barbados and the Inter American Development Bank, aimed at promoting mediation in Barbados.

Second generation negotiation teaching (2008-2011)

Manon actively participated in the multi-year effort to critique contemporary negotiation pedagogy and create new training designs: Second generation global negotiation education. On Hamline University's website the book "Rethinking Negotiation Teaching" can be downloaded. [link book site Hamline]

Technical Assistance EU Civil Justice Project in Turkey (2008-2009)

Manon was ADR Key Expert in the European Commission sponsored project, ‘Technical Assistance for Better Access to Justice’ in Turkey.

ADR awareness raising and infrastructure for commercial disputes in the MEDA region (2006-2007)

The European Commission sponsored project ‘Facilitating Trade in the MEDA region’. Manon implemented and designed trainings, carried out negotiations with officials re. e.g. The Rome declaration, and was the mediation co-chair of The Rome Conference in September 2007.