Preparation tools

Preparation tools for a cross-border mediation

Jeremy Lack and Manon Schonewille have written a comprehensive chapter on mediator styles and effective approaches in cross-border mediations to guide parties and their representatives in book 'The Variegated Landscape of Mediation' which you can consult and download here. 

The introductory chapter on comparative mediation regulation is written by the editors - Manon Schonewille & Fred Schonewille - and can be consulted here.

More useful tools to help parties and their counsel prepare for a mediation, like an Online Evaluation Tool and a Decision tree, can be found on the website of the International Mediation Institute. 




Process issues concern e.g, time management, to caucus or not, written submissions, opening presentations, etc.

Substance issues e.g., ranging from refusing to express any views, to doing tough reality-testing and preparing to give a mediator’s proposal if the parties do not reach an agreement. 

You can download our article on how to initiate a cross-border mediation here.